This is a reminder to myself
That I can always keep my shit together
When I’m drinking no matter

All these feelings bottled up is not what she would want to hear
Not how much she means to me, how I think we’re so I’d do anything for her
Wouldn’t be the shit she’d like to hear

She’d want some douche guy that’ll probably fckk her life
So she can get treated like crap

True emotions are not the shit she’d want to hear

To deny these feelings would be denying who I am
Who am I if I can be true to myself

A basic copied image choosing to conform to that which is a proved as normal ..but it’s how I feel

I shouldn’t deny what’s inside so I won’t bitch

When I’m around her
I wrap myself inside a fantasy
Reality that may never happen
But I so wish it would

But if the feelings between us are real
Then I would go on waiting till we can finally be. Turning this fantasy world inside my mind..into reality